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February 26, 2008

I was torn between categorizing this post in The hell hole or The heaven hole but since we all know hell is a lot more fun, then Hell hole it is.

Anyway just doing an old friend a favor. He’s setting up a company and needs help. I’ll just cut and paste what he wants. Do mail him directly if you think you fit the bill.

Company based out of Singapore setting up its new branch in KL to serve its regional clients especially China, Thailand, Singapore, India and Malaysia.

Successful applicants shall be trained in Singapore, based out of Kuala Lumpur, and to serve corporate clients regionally. Traveling would be involved.

Hiring company has been established over 8 years, and is expanding rapidly. A consulting company by nature within the Business Intelligence, Budgeting & Planning, Reporting, and Corporate Performance Management.

Available are 2 Consultant positions:

– Candidates should be in their mid to late twenties
– Have a good blend of software and accounting experience
– Having implemented software or used accounting software on a daily basis
– Interested in getting in the Consulting career
– Graduates with major in either MIS, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies
– Speak and write fluent English. Would be and advantage to be able to speak and write Chinese (Not Mandatory)
– Have experience in the Business Intelligence field would be ideal (Not Mandatory)
– Willing to travel

Positions are available immediate.

Remuneration would be RM4,000 to RM6,500 plus other standard perks, depending on skill sets and background.

If interested please email CV with contact details to blackferrari at gmail dot com.

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