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Weird ladies

March 19, 2008

I was watching a HK drama episode yesterday and one of the side actresses reminded me of an ex girlfriend of mine.

What I remembered about her the most was her remarks that boys are not ‘worth it’ unless they fight for her. She said she liked the feeling of damsel in distress and have a hero come to rescue her from the bad guy. I thought she was joking at first. Then she told me how in a previous relationship, 2 guys fought mind battles for her (yup she was two-timing) and it literally ended with a punch-out. She awarded her girlfriendship to the victor, bruises and all, and she said it felt fantastic.

Why she told me this I don’t know but something about her actions told me she was laying out another boxing ring. She had been unreachable the last few weekends and something just didn’t feel right so I ended the relationship a few days later. Yup I chickened out and let the other guy win by default. Good luck to him if he’s reading this post, haha.

I thought such things only happened in Animal Planet where animals fight each other for the right to mate. Dunno, maybe she’s got some recessive baboon genes or something but it must suck to feel useless if people don’t fight over you. Ok so you’re hot but fixing up people to bash each other for your entertainment is sick. Now what happens when you reach 50 yrs old and nobody wants to fight over an old hag. What do you do then. Jump off a bridge?

And you thought only men were weird, he he.

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