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Another reason why I don’t like Hillary

March 30, 2008

Hillary has a long and solid reputation of being disingenuous, vindictive and petty against the other US presidential candidates and it seems, anyone who crosses the Clintons path. However this recent Bosniagate thing has pushed things to a new level. It has now surfaced that she has a penchant for telling fish stories. The one that grows a little bigger everytime she tells it.

How dishonest is Hillary? The Wall Street Journal has a list of all her fish stories here – at least the ones they know about. In this latest episode, when selling her foreign policy credentials to a fawning crowd, she regaled about how she dodged sniper bullets during a visit to Bosnia. Its was drama all right, except it didn’t quite happen that way as an embarrassing video footage came to light. And when she got busted, she pretty much shrugged it off saying she misspoke because she’s human so nothing to see here, lets move on.

So what’s the big deal? Nothing, except the bungle pretty much dynamited the core premise of her campaign – the one about her supposeldly having more experience. Bosnia (and Ireland, apparently another fish story that’s unfodling) was supposed to prove why she’s the only one qualified to pick up the White House phone at 3am. She even made a slick campaign ad out of it which you can find in Youtube. I’m too lazy to link it here. In Texas the 3am story became her entire campaign focus, a state she later won by a slim margin. The funny thing is, even the sleeping girl that appeared in the ad later came out to say she’s an Obama supporter.

So what actually happened in Bosnia? This Washington Post article has the actual low-down, an account she initially trashed but later relented when shown actual video footage.

And now she wants everyone to believe it was “misspeak”, an innocent slip of the tongue. Yeah, and I’m Mother Theresa. Her excuse? Get this – sleep deprivation. So can we all go around now claiming we’re Marie Antoinette and then blame it on the fact that we didn’t have our coffee today?

Liar liar pantsuit on fire. The question being asked now is what other whoppers has she been feeding people?

May God help America (and the rest of the world) if she or John McCain wins.

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