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Does being a blogger hurt your chances of getting a job?

April 1, 2008

Having a blog is starting to be like having a handphone. There’ll be a time soon where it’ll be strange for you NOT to have one.

In the market for a job? I reckon job application forms will soon be asking “Are you are a blogger?” right before the question “Do you have your own transport?”. Not that employers know what to do with you. On the contrary I feel a sense of trepidation. OMG he/she’s a blogger!! What do we do? companies are asking themselves.

Obviously its no biggie if you blog about stuff unrelated to the company’s business but if you’re a cyber celebrity with a well-known rant blog, it could set off some alarm bells. You don’t have to be guilty of anything. Just the thought of you venting in public is often enough to put potential employers on red alert.

I guess its not too different from deciding whether to get into a relationship with a celebrity blogger. Makes you wonder if you’ll become ‘famous’ after a breakup doesn’t it.

The hot thing now is blogging for money. Lets say you are earning big bucks from it and its easy to find out how much you make. Would you join a company that has a policy not to hire people who’s doing outside business? Most companies have this policy and while some might close one eye at first, they could use it to get rid of you if they wanted to.

Is blogging an issue then? I don’t think so. The real issue, in my opinion, is that technology has once again outrun society’s natural pace of development. Society hasn’t been able to catch up to the new realities. When they first invented the telephone, many wives worried if it would lead to cheating husbands (as if men needed phones to cheat, LOL). Looks like we’re going through the same cycle now and everyone will be walking down the path of anxiety, rejection, surrender and acceptance before things get better.

We are now in anxiety phase as far as blogging’s concerned.

So until everyone crosses the bridge of acceptance, bloggers may have no choice but to put up with lots of nervous employers on the job trail, even rejections. This is where I think in the stampede to become a famous blogger, it pays to be circumspect, particularly if you’re planning to look for a job. Yes its fun to be a ‘somebody’ in a social club like Nuffnang but to qualify you must be well known. To be well known you need to bang your drums and cymbals real hard – by being colorful, loud, or controversial enough to drive traffic to your blog.

Somewhere down the line you may also learn that fame can come at a cost. You may have had your share of cyber dogfights and done some embarrassing stuff that you or your friends blogged about. Murphy’s law says these can come back to haunt you years later at the most inconvenient times, like when you are fighting for a VP position. The new reality is that Google and its cache never forgets.

Sometimes it pays not to forget your best ally. He’s called common sense and thankfully he never strays too far away from you.

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  1. April 2, 2008 4:53 am

    Some interesting thoughts there. More people have Facebook/Social Network Site memberships though, and my feeling is that ultimately most people with have something between a blog and a Facebook thing.
    Keeping a blog updated regularly is too much work for most people.
    But you’re right, in terms of privacy, one shouldn’t do any (identifiably at least) online that one wouldn’t want one’s future employer, spouse, or even children, to see!

  2. April 2, 2008 5:08 am

    Being a blogger increases a person’s chances of getting hired from my experience. Ultimately, an employer would want an articulate communicator with some ineternet savvy.

    Revealing too much about an employer is another issue but most people usually don’t (pardon my French) “sh#t on their own doorsteps.”

  3. damien permalink*
    April 2, 2008 5:22 am

    Julian: Welcome to my blog. I know what u mean. When we’re young we feel invincible and we shrug off things we tend to regret later. Last time its easy to forgive and forget our mistakes. Now thanks to the internet, its impossible, even though we’ve changed to become better people.

    Bookmarker: Welcome too. Yes, I was also hired becoz my boss thought I could write, haha! But in 2 years, the company fired 2 people because they made the boss look like an idiot in a blog. Unfortunately some people still poop in their rice bowls and as I said earlier, they tend to be young and actually believe mishaps only happen to other people.

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