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The time when I will give up money

April 8, 2008

Last Sunday my dad’s friend threw a fancy dinner at a hotel. It was a typical Chinese affair. We had a private room with 2 tables and a dinner that probably cost Rm3,000, graced with some good alcohol. Uncle Wong was celebrating a lottery win. Or was it 4D, I can’t remember (too busy playing with my new phone). But Uncle Wong is already rich to begin with. His fortune is easily in the 8 digits, USD. Not just that. Some time ago he won enough in Genting and Toto to buy a modest condo. He’s that lucky.

The Wongs now travel with special bodyguards. It started last year when they had a scare about rumours that kidnappers were going after a young member of their extended family. Although nothing happened, they’ve never fully recovered from it. They don’t seem very trusting of people any more. Now their house is like a fortress with cameras and spotlights everywhere.

Ernie, their teenage son, was complaining that life is getting too restrictive. He’s tired of the phone ringing every now and then when someone calls to check if he is all right. He wants to run off to Australia.

Having too much money can be a bitch. Life sucks when you’ve constantly got a bullseye on your back.

I know it sounds funny but I’m glad I’m just average guy driving an average car and living in an average house. I’m not attractive to thieves, scammers and the taxman, and I’m too insignificant for anyone to take me as a threat. I have just enough not to have to worry about tomorrow. But I am smiling because with such mediocre assets I’m free of the millionaire’s burden. I can be where I want and do what I want. Ask me to choose between freedom and money, I choose freedom any time.

Seriously, if I have all the food I need, a simple house & car, a few good friends and a damn good internet line, I don’t mind giving up money. I can do without the headache. How about you?

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  1. April 11, 2008 10:01 pm

    “if I have all the food I need, a simple house & car, a few good friends and a damn good internet line, I don’t mind giving up money.”

    And a damn good internet line!! Yes, give me five. I think that way too.

  2. Damien permalink*
    April 11, 2008 11:24 pm

    Hi apple, yeah right on. Long live 10mbps fiber to the home!

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