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The toughest reality show on earth

April 20, 2008

Here’s how the game is played.

  1. The objective is to get to the finish line with as many supporters as possible
  2. You will create a message that uniquely identifies you from your contenders
  3. You’ll be travelling to hundreds of different locations during the race to recruit supporters for your message
  4. Everything you say and do will be nitpicked, televised and blogged for the world to see
  5. You’ll endure daily sniping and backstabbling from other contenders who’ll try to steal your supporters
  6. Spectators may also throw things at you as you race by
  7. You’ll encounter many road blocks along the way, mostly in the form of trickery, scandals and public debates
  8. There’ll be 51 “moments of truth” when the game pauses for spectators to cast their votes for their favorite contenders
  9. The contender with the most wins after these 51 moments of truth wins the game
  10. You’ll be billed about US$1 million a day for every day you stay in the race and you may only pay using your own money or money donated to you by the public
  11. The race is a year long (which means you need at least US$350 million to play)
  12. You are automatically disqualified if you are unable to pay the bills

The winner recieves a 4-year all-expenses paid stay in the Oval Office and crowned Commander In Chief of arguably the most powerful nation on earth. And oh yeah, you might even get your face printed on currency, the greenback.

Yes I think the US Presidential race kicks the asses off the Amazing Race, Survivor and American Idol combined. The person left standing when the dust settles truly deserves my respect, not necessarily for being the best person for the job but for surviving what must be the longest, meanest, most expensive and most psychologically punishing reality show ever.

I’ve written before that nice guys don’t win. For this current ongoing race however, I hope to be proven wrong.

Obama ’08!


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