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So who won?

April 23, 2008

Depends on who you ask.

Clintonistas say she did because

  1. She won Pennsylvania by 8.6%. Last count: Hill 54.3% to Obama’s 45.7% according to Daily Kos.
  2. She bagged 6 pledged delegates more than Obama did, 52 against Obama’s 46 according to Daily Kos
  3. All previous presidents won Pennsylvania. Since Obama didn’t win, he’s clearly not viable
  4. Obama couldn’t close the deal even after outspending HiIl 2:1 (or 4:1, take your pick) in Pennsylvania, further proof that Obama is not viable
  5. Most Americans are bowlers and gun owners and the Pennsylvania exit polls clearly show gun owners and bowlers hate Obama

Obamanistas say he did because

  1. He massively cut Hill’s lead as predicted (from over 20% to just 8.6%) in a state that heavily favors her
  2. Her honesty ratings plunged
  3. He got the lion’s share of voters who switched parties
  4. He got the lion’s share of newly registered voters
  5. With her total new addition of 11 delegates, mathematically she has not gained any significant ground (CNN: Obama has 1,694 dels and Hill has 1,556. You need 2,025 to win.)

My take is, Hillary scored a goal fair and square but with only 6 smaller states left in the season and her negatives soaring, she will lose the season. But she won’t go away and I think NYT says it well: the bruising will go on for the Democratic party.

Here’s the remaining road blocks for the toughest reality show on earth.

May 6, Indiana and North Carolina
May 13, West Virginia
May 20, Kentucky and Oregon
June 3, Montana

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