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The fat lady refuses to come out

May 9, 2008

An update on the toughest reality show on earth. So Tuesday came and went. Another primary, another licking for Hillary despite the freak show she dragged everyone through since Pennsylvania 2 weeks ago. So Tuesday, she squeaked by in Indiana (my home state in the US) with a 1.5% win after telling everyone that Obama’s toast. North Carolina wasn’t so forgiving. They gave her the boot that same night. Obama won with a whopping 232k vote majority there which more than wiped out her Pennsylavia win of a 214k vote majority. And with that she just lost by her very own yardstick* – the popular vote argument.

So by her own logic, Obama has proved to be more electable. Oops. And what does she do? She shrugs it off and vows to keep racing despite losing states, delegates, donors, growing a mountain of bad debt and US$11.4 million of her own money up in smoke (and probably more to come). That should send a message to anyone who dares think this is a campaign that recognizes the laws of physics. Well she did say it was personal. I still can’t imagine what she’s so mad about that she’s willing to cause this amount of collateral damage.

I have a strange feeling that even as Obama or McCain is crowned president in November, she would still be out campaigning to empty halls around the country and if necessary, trudge up the steps of the Supreme Court to try and take what she believes is rightfully hers.

So with only 6 contests left and no relief in sight, Hillary won’t go away. Now what if by a stroke of bizzare luck, Obama gets eaten by a bear and she actually becomes the presumptive Democratic nominee. And she later on beats McCain and becomes president. What would America do with a president with a penchant to tell baldfaced lies, connive and do just about anything to get her way?

The fat lady better come out and sing quickly.

*Yesterday Hill changed the yardstick again. Now she’s saying the winner is the candidate who can win the most white voters. So she now wants to turn this into an ugly contest of race and skin color. That’s being shot down of course but that’s besides the point. She’s Hillary and she’ll change the goalpost anytime she likes and the media is more than happy to keep the game exciting by humoring her. I’m bracing for the next goalpost:- who owns the nicest cat.

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