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In shock

May 26, 2008

I am still reeling in shock over something I saw on the internet during the weekend.

I saw a preview of a porn clip and OMG, its him! I am 99% sure the guy in the clip is my ex classmate in college!

It was a commercially produced xxx clip. He is Puerto Rican, one of the home boys I used to hang out with back in Minnesota. He had a Japanese girlfriend for a spell. He looks a bit older in the clip but there’s no mistaking his facial features. Unless he’s got a twin brother he never told me about, it’s him.

Holy sh*t I am stunned.

Edit @11:30pm: I just got off IM with Pancho, one of the home boys I hung out with. He also knows Jimmy, my Puerto Rican friend. Apparently Jimmy’s now gainfully employed with an S&L (savings and loan) in Rochester NY. Anyway Pancho took a look at the clip and said its close but that’s not Jimmy. Whew, gave me quite a scare there. 🙂

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