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My Person of the Year (2008)

June 2, 2008

I know its a little early but my nomination goes to Hillary Rodham Clinton – for Person of the Year 2008. My reason: because she has the balls to do what no other person could do, not even her most wily political opponents. She hangs on to a presidential race that is by all reckoning over for her.

Giulianni, Romney, Huckabee (gee they all rhyme!), Thompson, Edwards, all of them wussies, have voluntarily quit way before the end of the 2008 race. If they were Formula 1 drivers, they’d have driven into the pits and parked their wheels because there’s just no way to catch someone 2 laps ahead of you. We would call that behavior unsportsmanlike.

Like any race car driver, Hill doesn’t discount the remote chance that the race leader might suffer a tire or engine blowout before the finish line and give her that opening. Yes, as horrible as it is to imagine, we can’t escape the fact that race underdogs have won that way so get over it. By insisting that every vote count, I think she’s saying she wants to cover every inch of track and utilize every second of game time until everyone crosses the finish line like any self-respecting sportsman would. It doesn’t matter if she’s number 1 or number 10. Its just something not many people appreciate.

Ok so the persidential race is a tad more intense than a sports car event but a race is a race. In these final 3 days, putting aside the nasty team rhetoric and the fact that her chances of winning are slim to none, no one can deny that she is every bit a sportsman. For that she has my admiration.

Go Hillary!

Edit: I should qualify that I disagree with below-the-belt campaign tactics and I think its poor sportsmanship to place a banana peel on the track when people aren’t looking. Rules are rules. If you want to change them, change them before you start the race. That said, its hard not to admire the pure tenacity of the Clintons in the face of defeat.


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