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Season Finale: Obamanation

June 4, 2008

Its over! 06-03-08 is a date that’ll be remembered for generations. This is the day when the first non-white person became the Democratic Presidential nominee. Obama won 2,136.5 delegates to Clinton’s 1,915.5 according to Barack’s website. The magic number is 2,118.

Hillary refuses to concede. Okay I sympathized with her in a previous post about the race. No one can blame her for wanting to complete all 50 laps of the race despite the race leader disappearing far into the distance. She deserves praise for being a true sportsman.

But to insist on racing around the circuit after the chequered flag has dropped and the crowd and judges have all gone home? Something else is going on there. I think she needs to see a psychiatrist.

Her supporters are egging her on, demanding that Obama show grace while they beat their chests in grief and shout profanities. They still believe they hold the cards. Look who’s drinking the Kool Aid now.

Damn, why am I writing 3 paragraphs about Hillary and one about Obama when its clearly Obama’s night? Obama, Obama, Obama!

All eyes are set on John McCain now. Season 2 is about to start. Its gonna be an interesting 6 months.

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