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Is Google making us stupid? Part 2

June 18, 2008

You know that instant information access has done it when…

  • Your attention span drastically shortens. Your mind switches off if it doesn’t sense a punchline within 20 seconds.
  • You no longer surprise anyone. They know all there is to know about you, and some things you wish they didn’t know.
  • Your analytical paper contains no original thought. All your time was spent searching for online stuff than actual thinking.
  • Your sense of time freezes. You make decisions about someone based on their blog comments posted years ago.
  • You keep getting e-mails from HR to please stop making online comments about your office life.
  • You keep having to explain that silly thing you did 10 years ago even though you’ve grown way past it.
  • Your friends stop asking you out because they found out you’ve been hanging out without them.
  • You get into frequent arguments with your bf / gf because he / she keeps finding out new things about you.
  • Your job application got rejected because they found out your fave drinking joint is also the choice for dykes on bikes.
  • You keep having to explain you’re not that person of the same name in the forum of sado-masochist anarchist mind-benders from Kansas.

Life may suck but with Google, it can just get a little suckier.

Oh by the way, I’m kidding about Google making us stupid. There’s a saying, guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Go figure.

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