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My latest toy, the Sansa e260

July 17, 2008

I decided to give myself a treat yesterday and bought me a replacement for my water-damaged iPod – the Sansa e260 mp3 player by Sandisk.

Its got 4GB on-board good for about 1,000 songs and a micro-SD expansion slot which is the reason why I decided to get this baby since none of the others offered expansion.

My first impressions.

The pros:

  • Memory expansion obviously (I haven’t tried it yet though).
  • Jog-style wheel for volume adjustment & menu browsing.
  • Equalizer options.
  • Battery life (advertised as 20 hours)
  • Sleek black finishing.
  • Display quality – bright and crisp.

The cons:

  • Synching with my laptop was easier with Vista (with WMP11) than Linux (with Rythmbox).
  • Can’t play mov, flv and other video formats – Must convert using Sansa software.
  • Some work needed to get it to read mp3 tags properly. For some reason it didn’t like tags written in Linux.
  • Can’t disable the blue light that turns on when you touch the volume wheel.

But the price I paid for it, $300, balances off by the cons I feel. It far outweighs its nearest challenger, the Sony mp3 player which retails at $249 for a 2GB model – unexpandable to boot.

No regrets so far.


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