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Celebrity blogger wars: My perspective

August 9, 2008

It had to happen sooner or later didn’t it. Petty personal brawls dragged onto the world stage. And boy, did the stuff hit the fan across both sides of the causeway.

Not that I give a hoot ‘coz my attitude is a) would it have come to this if we didn’t have the internet, b) would any of this matter 20 years from now, and c) though its hard to imagine, aren’t there bigger things in life?

First, yes sensationalism = good traffic. If you’re making a living from click-thru ads and tabloid fare, this might actually pay off for you. 🙂 But if you secretly depend on a salary like us humble mortals, then I’m not so sure. There’s just that little inconvenience of, you know, Murphy’s Law and how the “google filter policy” of some companies might crash your party. Wait, you already know that. You just don’t believe it’ll ever happen to you.

Second, fast forward 40 years into the future. These fighting bloggers, now shriveled and wrinkled, are putting away their walking sticks and false teeth before they go to bed. They have kids and you’re one of them. Your parents sexual adventures, their famous blogs long deleted, are cached permanently somewhere, available to anyone at a touch, fresh with lurid details like it happened yesterday. Your friends and enemies are having a whale of a time with it. Are you?

Everyone loves poking fun at the child named Sex Fruit and it makes me wonder, are we witnessing a whole new category of social handicap in the making?

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  1. LC Teh permalink
    August 9, 2008 9:10 pm

    I was more interested in whether we’d have a successful change of govt to a more stable and non-corrupt one and move our stagnated nation forward than wonder about which blogger’s sleeping with whom. As usual I thought it was all about traffic and monetary returns.

    As for naming kids, if we can be as careful about avoiding giving a dog a bad name should we be more careful about naming our kids?

  2. angeles permalink
    August 10, 2008 1:12 am

    moral of the story : don’t date a ‘celebrity blogger’.. there’s a tendency to.. err… ‘blab’ :mrgreen:

  3. Damien permalink*
    August 10, 2008 9:01 am

    @LC, local politics is just too complicated for me so I always go back to the familiarity of Washington. 🙂 I think the internet’s a natural honeypot for attention seekers and narciccists. Many will grow out of it. Its the predators that people got to watch out for.

    @angeles, uhh yeah. Some of my blogger friends are getting a teensy bit worried 🙂

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