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Godspeed JBJ

September 30, 2008

I bumped into J. B. Jeyaratnam twice in person. Once when I literally ran into him as I dashed around the corner of the City Hall MRT station in Sg, causing him to lose balance and drop his bag. I picked it up and said sorry. He was shaken but smiled and asked me if I was late for school. I must have looked like a startled deer caught in the headlights.

The second time was a few months later near the same MRT station. He was standing by the main entrance, handing out copies of a book. I think he recognized me but seeing that I wasn’t rushing like the first time he didn’t duck. He looked frail and unwell. I scooted over to shake his hand and ask if he was alright. He smiled and said yes he’s alright. He took a book from the pile, signed it and gave it to me. I still have the book to this day.

That was a few years ago. I learnt yesterday that he had passed on. I don’t know very much about him but despite all the stuff in the papers, I could feel he was genuine in person, in a fatherly way.

My you rest in peace, JBJ.

On a different note, I’ll be taking off to the East coast for some R&R this evening and will be gone for a couple of days. I should be back by Friday evening.

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  1. stella permalink
    October 10, 2008 12:39 am

    May J.B.Jeyaratnam soul rest in peace & is in high heaven. I think he must be a great leader though i don’t know him.

    3 days before J.B.Jeyaratnam passed on, one of our members, 63 yrs old passed on too. He was diagnose as
    leukaemia. Firstly, he only had fever problem that could not go away for nearly 3 weeks plus.. Eat panadol, see doctor, take chinese medicine, go to hospital… Non of it was able to help him. He felt pain in his chest & bone near the stomach. Lastly, the doctor advice him to check the bone marrow & was found as leukaemia.

    Because of the unbearable pain, he chose to go chemotherapy instead of other alternative. After going for the first chemo treatment that take a week plus, he could not bear it anymore & passed on. Visited him a week ago before he died. At that time, i thought he can still survive longer or maybe cure. I regret that i didn’t talk to him longer b’coz he was weak in speech & i don’t know what to say. I just advice him to pray to master. Known him for some time & he is a good man. I only talk to the tired wife which accompany & take care of him 24 hours in the hospital. Anyhow he looks okay but many of his hair had dropped onto the pillow sheet due to chemo.

    At the last moment of his last breath & when the doctor is trying to save him, the daughter which is very sad, suddenly saw very very bright lights beings surrounded his father before he passed on. So the daughter is relieved & master has taken good care of him.

    Attend the funeral & saw the corpse is smilling. Oh, this is the first time i encoutered a smilling corpse. I do miss him but seeing that he is smilling, i’m relieved that his soul is in peace.
    They cremated him & distributed the ashes into the river. I heard that they found coral reef at the ashes. When the ashes was distributed, they saw purple sparkling color appeared above the sky.

    He had done a lot of good things. Though sometimes i feel he could do more but his time is up & his homework in this world is finished. Luckily he only suffered one months plus compare to others people.

    So life is unpredictable. Make good use of life & realize the value of time.

    I didn’t know they are Mars society. Are you dreaming of going to Mars? Hehe!

    ” Be kind to Animals “. Thats is a powerful written words.

    Personally I feel if one has done a lot of good things in life, he would feel positive in death. Maybe that’s why your friend left with a smile.

    Mars society is a bunch of Americans trying to promote research on Mars with an eye on inhabiting the planet one day. Its one of the things I support.

    I also support being kind to animals and conserving the California coastline where I spent a lot of time roaming on – in the past and most likely in the future.


  1. Godspeed JBJ | English in Lublin

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