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Tab Mix Plus 0.3.7 acting like a virus?

October 8, 2008

The day before yesterday, something funny happened to my Firefox 2.0.17 browser after it updated some add-ons.

All my toolbar icons disappeared.

Specifically, the dozen-odd regular toolbar icons and every single add-on’s icon went missing. The Customize Toolbar window which stores the browser’s icon collection was blank. The only thing left on the browser was its URL bar and the search bar.

A bug report in the Ubuntu forums had this to say: delete localstore.rdf in the firefox profile and restart. Tried that, didn’t work.

None of the other things I tried would work as well – re-installing FF2, restoring the default icons under Edit|Preferences, creating a new profile, etc… it drove me nuts for 2 days.

Then I remember my browser had been working fine before the add-on update happened 2 days ago so could that be the problem?

I especially remember Tab Mix Plus as one of the 3 add-ons that got updated (had been waiting that sucker to update for some time now) so I uninstalled it. Restarted. All the icons came back!

I reinstalled the older version of TMP and the icons held. That pretty much confirms it. TMP version 0.3.7 eff’d my FF2 icons. I wonder if anyone else had this problem.

I want to upgrade to Firefox 3 but I’m waiting for just one more add-on – Snaplinks – to be FF3-compatible before I do that. But if FF2 is going to misbehave on every add-on update from now, I guess I’d have no choice but to upgrade.

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  1. October 8, 2008 8:23 am

    I’ve got no problems with TMP 3.7 especially since I’ve been using the unofficial alpha builds right after Firefox 3 came out.

    You might want to go to the TMP forums and download an older version TMP that worked with Firefox 2. Seriously, you might just upgrade to Firefox 3 anyway, I found new substitutes to some of my plugins when the old ones didn’t update. They turned out to be better replacements anyway. You might want to do just that.

    I’ve got heaps of addons to begin with anyway.

    Roger that. I’ve taken that as the batsignal for me to upgrade to FF3. Will be doing that tonite. Thanks. 🙂

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