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In the Land of the Blind…

November 11, 2008

Check out this article:

Top 10 Animal Senses Humans Don’t Have

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We humans have a proud saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

That’s pretty funny when you consider that with only six senses to rely on, we humans don’t actually see very much.

Which hardly makes us the authority to claim what is real and what isn’t.

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  1. LC Teh permalink
    November 11, 2008 11:57 am

    “Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. 1.3 billion Chinese can’t be all Wong”….lol

    Yeah. I do recall another one that said a billion flies can’t be wrong…. 😀

  2. LC Teh permalink
    November 12, 2008 9:28 am

    What’s real is, with all the sharp senses that animals have over humans, they still can’t explain themselves turning up for dinner with humans, laid out on a plate and their names on the menu instead of the invitation card.

    … not to mention when humans get done in by pandemics courtesy of organisms that have no sense, like lethal viruses and bacteria.

  3. stella permalink
    November 14, 2008 3:41 am

    Great post, Damien. The scientist had done a great job. is interesting.

    Yeah, we humans don’t actually see very much. I remember your others blog did mentioned – topic: “What’s its reality” stated below:

    Some animals have a different sensory range than humans. They see, hear and feel things we cannot, making their ‘reality’ different than ours. It affirms that many realities exist side by side as we speak.

    Its make sense & its true. Another animal capabilities is that they can connect with God at any time. That’s why they know a lot of things( i.e. they know when they will die or be killed), can see things we don’t even see(invinsible beings, can see human past live few thousand years ..) & have intuition that we can only dream of. Their faculties are much,… sharper than ours ( i.e. they can detect tsunami or any disaster earlier.). They communicate thru telepathy which human unable to so yet.

    Because animals, they’re more blessed so they live very naturally, simple, don’t worry too much, just do whatever is there, eat & then go to sleep. That’s why they’re mostly connected with God at all times.

    In the animal kingdom, size doesn’t matter & virtues count like everywhere else. Some animal have higher noble quality(NQ) especially the peaceful animal. i.e. Cow-40%, dogs,pigs,some birds,elephants-30%, geese,swan-20%, squirrels-10%, duck-8%, eagles-3%…..etc. Vicious animal like lion (3%) & tiger(4%) have very low NQ unless those that are very tame & have rescue human life. This are different species. An animal possesses an NQ rate of 9% or higher, will be entittled by nature to have an individual name. These is according to my master saying.

    In the Bible, it is stated that animal are sent by God to be our helper & friends. They are our angel & protector. It is truly so as we can see many cases that animal have save or rescue human life. i.e true story. A friend of mine was waiting for her car after a night shift work across the road & nearby is sitting an old dog. Suddenly this old dog which has no energy was barking in a slow tone at my friend. Thinking that she is disturbing the dog, so she said sorry to the dog & walked across the other side of road. A few minutes later, two cars was chasing each other coming towards to this road nearby to the dog . The person in the second car is actually shooting at the first car. At that moment ,it was quite scary for my friend. So the dog had saved my friend life by shooing her away as the dog knows there are danger coming. The dog is unharmed.

    Animals also have gift(invinsible gift) presented to the owner if they are well taken care by the owner.i.e some animals are able to heal a person thru the animal soothing atmosphere. Another true story told by my master. I can’t remember well. I think is like this. Maybe you have heard of it. In America, there was a poor man who has no desire to live or work. But he had a very loyal dog which always accompany & make him happy whenever he comes home. And he takes care well the dogs. So invinsibly, the dog give idea to this man so that he could think very well of making money. Because he was very happy, so he was able to think well & he started to work & soon he become a millionaire. This is due to the dog invinsible gift. Later the man die & he left all the money to the dog foundation so that his dog is well taken care. Anyway we do not hope or desire for a gift if we need to take care a pet because this has to be unconditional love just like taking care a children.

    Most animals are defenceless. So they were unable to defence themselve when they are kill. That’s why they are on the food plate. But the way they die, how they are treated, its so cruel, so inhumane. Animals sometimes they don’t mind to lay down their lives for us. They willing to sacrifice. Like many stories about Buddha past life incarnation as deer, fish, lion or something. He offered Himself as meat for other creatures to continue to live. They don’t mind b’coz to live & die, it is not much to the animals, really. Its just that how animals were kill in such an inhumane & cruel fashion.

    So to think about it, we should not kill our helper/protector/angel(animal) that God has bestow to us. After knowing all this animal capabilities, we should not look down on them. Human actually needs help & needs them not animal need us.

    Actually, humans are good. Just they’ve been mislead & taught the wrong way. Bad indication, since generation after generation. i.e. the media that tell people meat is good, the benefit of raising a lot of livestock (which actually caused tree cutting , water, energy, soya & grains for animal food, world hunger, methane, environment pollutions….) . So the blind is leading a blind.

    For more understading of topic Animals are Angels & protector of humans(spoken on August 2007, Paris, France) you may see:

    or go to download topic mention above at that aired on 2nd november, 2008 Sunday

    Hi Stella, thanks for the links. My spam filter thought your comment was spam and held it back. Sorry it didn’t appear immediately.

    I think how people treat their animals indicate how emotionally mature they are (and to some extent, how far they can go spiritually.) In the biggest irony, I know of a family of devout Buddhists who keep their family pet dog in a tiny cage slightly larger than a shopping basket. The cage was so small the poor dog could not even stand up or turn around, so it spent all those years sitting down. And mind you, these are Buddhists who go to the temple and play their prayer recordings loudly all evening.

    Some people like to throw rocks at animals and hunt them for sport. The power to decide if something should live or die is probably the highest feeling of power. Such feelings don’t take one very far down the path of peace. There will always be those of this nature around.

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