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Are people ready to live in condominiums?

November 17, 2008

Do you have what it takes to live in a high-rise pigeonhole?

Respect for common property
You don’t let your child scrawl graffiti on the elevator walls and pretend not to see it, even though he’s doing it right under your nose.

Respect for people’s wish to be clean
You don’t litter the grounds with rubbish and then say that’s what we pay the cleaners for, or help your child urinate in the open.

Respect for common aesthetics
You don’t string out your laundry on the balcony because its more convenient than the purpose-designed drying area in your unit.

Respect for others’ rights to space
You don’t park your car in such a way that severely narrows your neighbor’s parking bay.

Respect for others’ right to peace
You don’t turn up your home theater system past midnight, renovate your unit with a hammer at 1am in the morning or fight loudly with your live-in lover for residents to listen to.

Respect for public decency
You don’t take out the garbage in your slippers and underwear (unless you’re a hot babe).

Respect for the concept of sharing
You don’t claim a piece of the building’s common area as yours by planting your shoe cabinet there.

Respect for life
You don’t use the stairwell as storage space for your stuff and completely block the fire escape.

Thankfully this doesn’t happen in my condo. Maybe the price prevented the hillbillies from coming but my friend and his gf aren’t so lucky. He paid $250k for his unit and now its slowly turning into low-cost flats, in appearance and cleanliness.

After hearing his grouses, it seems to me that while condo living is the in-thing now, clearly not everyone is prepared to live in one.

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  1. LC Teh permalink
    November 17, 2008 9:28 am

    You’re describing a place called “Residents’ Heaven”. It should exist only for a few years at the most after the first opening ceremony. Then everybody gets back to his old habits of doing things the way it’s always done; naturally.

    Maybe there should be a condo-police….

    Condo police… hahaha. I know a place that shames errant residents by posting pictures of stubborn rulebreakers ‘in action.’ The faces will be censored of course but in a small community, no one doubts who it is. Its quite effective I hear.

  2. November 17, 2008 10:00 am

    Sorry to say that most condo residents do not ask these questions. Some are okay, they learn as they go but there are some who don’t care and are not conscious about their surroundings.

    They just don’t care at all.

    And they don’t care to think whether they’re ready or otherwise.

    Haha, welcome to the modern world. 😛

    Man, i sound pissed. But well, my neighbors are still okay. Just last year, the guy staying on my floor jumped to his death. =_= I was in UK.

    Whoa, someone committed suicide at yr place? Man, that’s tragic.

    Selfishness and condo-living usually don’t mix very well unless there’s exceptional maintenance and enforcement. Singapore’s apartment dwellers are a selfish lot but the place is clean because the ferocity of residents complaints is legendary and maintenance is very efficient (and very expensive). I think Malaysians have a higher tolerance for nonsensical behavior and they don’t ‘psycho’ bad neighbors away like Singaporeans tend to do. But with too much “never mind” attitude, indifference sets in and before long everyone slides down the slippery slope of urban decay.

  3. November 17, 2008 3:04 pm

    I always wanted to live in a condo for it’s facilities. But my mom keep objecting it.

    Maybe your mom’s wise. 🙂

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