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My thoughts on the Octuplet Mom

February 11, 2009

I was just watching the bizarre case of Nadya Suleman on CNN, the now-infamous “Octuplet Mom.”

Being 20-something and single, I won’t pretend to understand what she had in mind when she decided to have 8 more children when she aleady has six toddlers, without any means of financial support or even a father.

Okay, she said she did it because she grew up as a single child who was lonely beyond belief and to fill that void, she would like to have many kids.

I can understand her having 3 kids or 4. But 14 through artificial inducement?

I mean, lets get real. Any doctor will tell her that multiple births can lead to long term medical complications. Already, in twelve days, her babies have racked up $300,000 in hospital bills and counting. The issue is not just the money but the suffering she’ll put these kids through just to make herself feel good.

Has she thought thru the fact that if it costs $500,000 to raise one multiple-birth child from birth till they get a job, she and her kids are gonna chomp through at least $7 million over the next 17 years?

She’ll need a job that pays her $412k a year or $34k a month on average, not including her own expenses. She’ll have no husband to supplement her income and no child old enough to work. On top of earning a phenomenal amount of money, in a recession no less, she’ll have to be at home to feed and look after 14 screaming kids.

She’s 33 years old, jobless, lives in a tiny, fithy house in urban California with her parents, and she’s surviving on food stamps. What do you think her chances are that this will have a happy ending?

No problem, she says. I’ll get Oprah to shell out $2 million for me to appear on her talk show! A few days later she climbs down a notch and says she’s considering taking a masters degree and pursuing a career in counseling. She didn’t reveal what kind of agency will pay $34k a month for a counselor, which is the kind of money Wall Street executives make. And now she’s saying she believes God will give her a bailout.

I admire her for coming out on a talk show and saying all this but am I the only one who suspects she’s got a loose screw somewhere? I didn’t think so.

Personally, I think to fix one’s own personal insecurity by having so many kids without any plan of support is a lot like the kid that craves for pet hamsters. It doesn’t sink in that these living beings actually need to be cared for, not just for a week or two but for years. You need to know what to do and be able to answer how these innocent kids will make it past next month.

I think the outrage in America is justified. No daddy. No money. And going by their history of bankruptcy, probably no house. What was she thinking?

Now it is perfectly valid to ask whether anyone but a mother has the right to determine how many kids to have but when you ask that, you’d normally assume that the parent(s) are of sound mind and have the means to provide. Actually, I don’t think anyone can stop people from having as many kids as they like and I can’t say what happens in these families but what I do observe is this. The larger the family, the poorer and problem-prone they seem to be. One more broken home in America is one too many.

Its a perfect example of why you should never make decisions purely based on emotion.

Latest update @ 7:00 a.m.

ABC news reports that:

  • Nadya has set up a website asking for donations.
  • She’s now said to have falsified the birth certificates of her newborns (after she lied on national TV about not receiving welfare).
  • She’s now thinking of setting up a business.
  • The babies hospital bill could reach a whopping $1 million and that’s just the beginning.
  • The State of California will most likely end up with the bill. (That’s $1 million denied to other programs that arise NOT from some sick delusion.)

I pay taxes when I live in California. That’s why I’m mad as hell.

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  1. February 12, 2009 9:18 am

    This shows one thing……when economy is bad….weird people will start showing up. =_=

    What’s worse…..these weird people are trying to earn money thru their weird habitS!

    This one slipped thru the net, and what’s so sad about it is that it will affect 14 innocent lives.

  2. LC Teh permalink
    February 12, 2009 10:56 am

    At the risk of being vulgar, I’d say she probably thought she’s octo-pussy… sheesh. Can’t they slap a malpractice suit against her gynae?

    The doc is being investigated as we speak. I think he or she should not be in practice.


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