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Which aircon to buy? Part 2

February 22, 2009

Following a previous entry

I finally went with the 1hp Daikin because my curiosity about their motion sensor overrode my curiosity about Panasonic Envio’s ionizer. Ionizers don’t impress me anyway. I’ve sat in ionized rooms and I swear I cannot tell the difference.

The installers came on time. They did their stuff and left in less than 40 minutes. Super fast if you ask me. Then again, they didn’t have to drill holes or anything. Just re-use the one left by the old aircon. Workmanship was neat. An A for result.

So I turned it on. Fast cool, check. Very quiet, check. It did everything it should. I kept the motion sensor permanently on because I move in and out of my bedroom a lot. I’ll only know if it works as advertised when I get my next energy bill.

A couple of things I noted. While the size of the indoor unit is noticeably smaller than its predecessor, its blower is more powerful. I could feel the wind at the far corner of my room, which is good.

A couple of annoying things.

First, the green LED indicators on the indoor unit is bright. So bright it actually casts a shadow when the lights are off. If you need absolute darkness to sleep, you’ll have to tape something over it.

Second, the remote control’s display never switches off. You can switch the aircon off but the LCD icons on the remote (yeah the one that tells you the temp, fan speed, cool mode, etc.) remain forever ON. Wtf.

Third, the flaps movement is slow compared to its predecessor. You’ll like it if you prefer gentle winds. Not me. I don’t expect Category 4 winds but I need to feel the air move without having the blower aim at me all the time.

Small things nevertheless. Overall, it seems to be doing what a good aircon should.

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  1. February 22, 2009 12:42 pm

    hi! May I know how much did you paid for your Daikin aircon?

    RM 1,290 inclusive of installation.

  2. February 22, 2009 1:10 pm

    Interesting. I have an interest in aircons myself. Every room has a different brand, haha.

    Ionizers – there are some people who swear by this, especially those with sinus issues. You can google it, or go to local forums like LYN. A lot of Chinese males have sinus problems. I’m one of them. You know what.. sinus issues somehow does seem to be minimized with the ionizer. Not a dramatic effect for me as some people, but I get stuffed/blocked nose on less days. Some swear by the Sharp air con w ionizers. I’m using Toshiba. FYI, the high-end current Toyota Camry has a Panasonic ionizer in the air con. Yes.. in the car!

    Flap movement – that sucks. I like some movement too. Panasonic’s recent ceiling fans have “random” air movement feature to simulate breezes. I guess humans prefer moving air?

    LED light – perhaps taping a piece of paper will dim the light a bit, but still serve as an indicator?

    Energy – do update us on the energy use!

    BTW, which model Daikin is this?

    Hi, your house sounds like an aircon testing lab. I can’t remember the exact model I bought but it had “DV” and “25” in it somewhere. 🙂

    I don’t have sinus problems, I suppose that’s why ionizers didn’t do much for me. Ionizer in a car? Well, Honda used to package together lace headrest covers in their models, whether people wanted it or not. A Japanese thing perhaps.

    Sure, I’ll put up what my next couple of electric bills come up to. Currently its about RM120 a month.

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