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Growing dumb with the Internet?

March 16, 2009

When was the last time you nerds actually read a newspaper or played a real game? And I mean one that involved going out there and actually kicking a ball. With your real leg.

The BBC asks the question: Are we are creating a digital generation, growing up online but unable to think, concentrate and learn in the way that our forebears did?

So we stop hanging out with friends, reading, learning to play music, even television in favor of Facebook or an online game. That’s gotta have an impact on what we become, right?

Personally, yes I think there is an impact. Our attention span has grown shorter. When we read, if we don’t spot a punchline or a cool picture within 5 seconds, we move on to the next thing. We expect immediate answers. Anything slower than SMS, IM and Google search is lame.

Sure, the way our neurons fire is changing. Over the course of time, it may change the shape of our brains. Its a natural biological response, isn’t it.

Now how do you think our grandfathers felt when the telephone and television invaded their homes. Irritated I suspect, because all of a sudden good and hardworking people were starting to waste time. The phone made dating and flirting easy. Think of the sleepless nights parents had to endure.

You can go all the way back in time, right up to when the first wheel was invented. Every time an innovation came up, it changed everything. Big deal, as I said. The wheel wasn’t the first or the last innovation to change people’s behaviors and neither is the Internet.

But it does begs a question.

If every innovation has the effect of creating short cuts in our brain circuitry and dumbing us down as scientists seem to suggest, what if we could go back in time and removed every innovation that ever was. Do you think we would be closer to genius or monkey today?

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  1. March 16, 2009 9:27 am

    We will still be living in caves, hunting wild animals, and eating them alive. 😀 Well, fire and BBQ were inventions back then. 😛

    Yeah, and we’re still eating ’em raw at Sushi King. :mrgreen:

  2. March 17, 2009 9:23 am

    Minus the wasabi 😀

    Sounds nasty.

  3. LC Teh permalink
    March 17, 2009 11:39 am

    Oh yeah, with my nearly 40 year old driver’s licence I wrecked my car totally and lost out in a race with my nephew on the PC. He laughed. So, will we end up with a keyboard in the dashboard some day? Hopefully not.

    Before the wheels and barbecue, if we really did look like the monkeys back then, we will not like our pc monitor in future? Luckily for us, the PC changes shape too fast for us to ape it. hahaha…

    I’m told even apes are innovators. They may be slow compared to us but with enough time, anything is possible.

  4. LC Teh permalink
    March 18, 2009 10:29 am

    Old time plumbers love this: They let you fix one length of pipe, then turn the water on. Now you try to keep ahead of the water… That’s about how fast technology changes these days. For every new trick you manage to learn they introduce 2 new ones. Sometimes I think I have all thumbs, esp when some teenager hands me his handphone and say, ‘Go ahead, make a call’…

    Yeah, rapid innovation for a high speed life. I guess that’s why some days its so refreshing to retreat to a log cabin in the mountains and just live on the firewood you cut, the fish you catch in the lake and make friends with the bear hanging out in your backyard.

  5. LC Teh permalink
    March 19, 2009 5:39 pm

    …and strum on that folk guitar.

    Yup, that too.

  6. stella permalink
    March 19, 2009 10:05 pm

    Damien, i thought u have a letterhead saying ‘Be kind to animals’. So why catch the fish in the lake? What happen to your conception? Or u didn’t practising it?

    Haha, that’s just a figure of speech about living independently. Most people who visit my blog are not vegetarians but you’re right, maybe I should’ve put in brackets, “Or plant my own food in my case.” But I am serious about making freinds with the bear hanging in the backyard. 🙂

  7. LC Teh permalink
    March 20, 2009 8:10 am

    How about adding…’depends on the size of that bear’.

    Honey bears aren’t that aggressive, even if they’re big. Its the grizzlies that are man eaters.

  8. stella permalink
    March 20, 2009 8:34 am

    It’s good that u’re making friends with the animals but with a bear, i don’t know how u going to handle it? U know the earth still cannot be saved if people haven’t change their diet to vegetarian. I think i’ve mention before that we only need two third of the earth population to be veg in order to save the earth. But so far, we still don’t have that amount yet. There are people who have become veg but later change to meat eating habit again. So there are droping again. Seriously, we might experienced climate change/global warming like what planet Mars were facing in 40 millions years ago if people do not quickly wake up to be more compassion & morally take refuge to this live saving veg diet. In fact, disaster are more frequents nowadays & others part of country is experiencing climate change, island surmerge, food hunger… etc. (B’cos people haven’t change yet.)
    The Counsel & Chairman of the people of Mars(the survivals) have only 2 message to Earth inhabitants : “Be Virtuous” & “Save your home before it’s too late.”
    Pls spread this words for the survival of Earth people or introduced These free internet tv is a non profit tv & its not earning anything. The purpose is just to spread a positive, constructive news, encourage people to be veg, love animals, be more spiritual, virtuous & tap the positive energy as there’re still bad karma energy in the air.
    Scientist or UN has also proven that meat consumption/livestock is a major cause of global warming & produces more greenhouse gases.
    Sometimes i wonder why u take so long to be a veg completely as the longer u delay the interest is higher. It’s just like the bank loans. Do u know how meat eaters pay their debts? They pay their debts thru sickness either pain here, headache or suffer others part of body pain (maybe temporarily or long term.) The King or karma would not let go or forget our debts. It’s not the God who judge us but the king of Karma who do the judging & punishing people if committed the crime. It’s not that veg people don’t get sickness but that is other reason. Eggs is not veg too as it attracts negative energy & many voodoo or black magician use egg to perform their rituals as it’s half life. Eating egg is like encourage more chicken breeding & is very smelly.

    Do u think the meat eating restaurants, kfc, macdonald, kenny rogers… are making money? Yeah, physically there do look like making a look of profit/money. Actually, spiritually they are losing…..
    Sounds like the Law of cause & effect is very scary. That’s how it’s work in this planet & we have to obey the rules in order to live peacefully, create a beautiful planet & respect the mother Earth. If more people become veg, nature will restore itself, people will raise their consiousness automatically & earth will rise in high consciousness to catch up the speed of evolution in the cosmo.

    We can still save the planet…
    Day 1405 (calculation starting from today)
    Be Vegan!

    Hi Stella, making friends with the bears or mountain lions is another euphemism for living in harmony with nature. The idea is use mindfulness to cause as little damage or suffering in other creatures as possible. Have you counted how many little insects you’ve unintentionally squashed with your feet today, or considered how many animals were made homeless to make the clothes you’re wearing now and the house you live in? We may not realize that many billions of creatures have died so that we could live, whether we are vegan or not.

    Yup, climate change is already here. Personally I think the earth has passed the point of no return. Nothing sinister about it – its because of orbital physics and because man has managed to make a naturally hot millenia even worse with technology. From geology, we know that earth has gone through severe global warming cycles many times in its history, even before mankind existed. Personally I am looking forward to the new ice age which should happen when the ocean’s convection currents stall and reverse. Better cold than hot.

  9. stella permalink
    March 26, 2009 8:12 am

    Damien, sorry to say Earth has not passed the point of no return & hasn’t passed the critical mass yet. Probably because the place or the country that u’re staying are not effected but other part of the world is facing climate change now. u may not be aware or notice it b’cos it is not around u. Do u want me to list it? ok. some eg :
    1) Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh faced a massive sandstorm on march 10 which was one of the most powerful sandstorm in decades.
    2) rgd:
    – Earth warming faster than though
    – Amazon could shrink by 85% due to climate change
    – Bushfires: Scientists warned us this was going to happened
    – Antarctic ice shelf set to collapse due to warming,

    And many more. i guess u’re a very smart person n u know where to find d resorces.
    Yes,earth has gone through severe global warming cycles many times in its history. It’s has stopped, happened again , rested n happened again but it is more severe now compare to many years ago as the massive of killing is more intense (innocent beings be it human or animals) has accumulated throughout the ages n will eventually erupt. Heaven is very merciful/lenient n still give humans a chance/time to change as human are uneducated or ignorant about the harmful effect of eating a piece of meat. But the time given is not extended forever. This karma have to be pay n to be regulated. This quote can be found in “Find Safety & Protection by Walking the Way of Heaven – Aug 2008 International Seminar”( So the best solution is to eliminate the karma of killing n this can be done by going veg, the benevolence way of living. When there is no karma, angel & Heaven can bestow more blessing on earth. U prefer new ice age & plants cannot grow in ice weather. i would prefer cool n windy as i’m very fear of cold. i think i will died if it’s always cold weather. It’s not that I’m fear of dying as we have to die one day, sooner or later. Anyhow the ice is melting n is getting warmer. If the sea is warm, then gas (Methane gas) might be released from the ocean n we might be poisoned. So it is really that urgent if we don’t fix it. checkout this rgd methane gas:,0,1984453.story

    For the orher questions, I think I will write later as your questions is quite tough. I need to think it over. hahah.

    Hi Stella,

    Its always interesting to read your responses. 🙂 The point of no return is the same as saying we’ve passed a critical point in earth’s natural maturing cycle, a point where its time for renewal to happen. Some geologists say this cycle comes every 200,000 years. The planet has traveled down this road many times, each time witnessing mass extinction and thousands of years later, renewal. Its not to be taken as bad or good, it just is. But as long as humans exist, respect for life is necessary for our survival because its the only way the food chain can be preserved. Destroy the food chain and we destroy our own lives. That’s just seeing from a purely logical perspective.

  10. stella permalink
    April 1, 2009 8:46 am

    Thanks n nice to hear that my responses is interesting to read (which such kind of poor english standard.). I really do not know how to write, just trying my best n it’s easier to be silent reader. Sometimes i wish i can write like how u can write a post/reply a responses with just a few minutes. U know what, u can be a journalist or a writer too. hehe.
    Yes, I realized I’ve unintentionally killed many little insect like ants or even breathing killing bacteria which we cannot control. What I do is i will try to watch my steps, make sure i do not leave any sweet things & quickly clean the utensil that i’ve use. For the insect that i have unintentionally killed, i would recite the holy mantra n saying i’m very sorry, pls forgive me and pray the insect will reincarnate to a better heaven. I will meditate for the karma that i’ve incur everyday n return good merit to them. So this will also benefit them.
    For clothes, i would not wear material made of animal like silk or animal fur. As for the house we live in, humans should know the knowledge in handling & building a house (maybe environmental house). Like the tree, human should shifted the rooted trees, replanted in other areas & animals shifted to a better living forest & not directly killing them. Though many animals are willing to sacrifice for us as one day they will died too ,just like humans but not the way we intentionally or directly kill them b’cos it cause fear, hatred, agony, pain, resentful to them & some entities might stick to humans body . It is a tragedy that they are eaten n sometimes they are afraid to die but it’s acceptable for them. It is just bad for the humans. A natural death for the animals its more appropriate. Being vegan it’s the best choice as this will not cause fear to the animal & most animals can feel the killing energy of the person atmosphere or aura.
    However living in this world we actually owe each other n everything is related to each other. Like we need the farmer to grow vegetables n fruits, road buiders to build roads, house buiders to build houses n etc.
    So in order to repay them n return their hard earn labor, we pay money to buy their vegetables, fruits, houses n pay taxes or toll for the road that have make so as we do not owe them anything.
    ya, whether we are vegan or not, we may not realize that many billions of creatures have died so that we could live. But if when we have a good choices to make, it’s better to choose a vegan way of living than choosing a killing energy diet-meat. For this world, veg is one of the best to preserve world resources n
    root spirituality stability.

    Actually the most important is to maintain this body while on earth because human purpose on this earth is to realize god, to find our true self n to bless the world. Therefore we need to choose a less karmic food –vegan so that it would not effect our spiritual body n health system. Vegetarian diet is also the ways to help us to always continue going in the positive direction.

    If they is a day or method we do not have to kill as many creature have to died so that we could live, that would be the best. But as for now, we should try to avoid killing as much as possible unless we don’t have much choices. The past we cannot change; we can minimize it by following a good way of life.
    So to protect the animal co-inhabitants, we must stop eating them up !!
    Since we have alternative,we should choose a healthy, happy and compassionate plant-based diet that have all the nutrition and protein nourishment.

    I think I’ve just heard the noteworthy news in suprememastertv saying that we have reached the critical mass (juice fasting for peace, california, usa, march 7, 2009) as we‘ve reach the certain number of vegan people to influence people to join veg circle to save earth, just slower n hope it’s working b-4 we reach the point of no return.
    This word – ‘point of no return’ is very confusing. Point of no return means earth cannot return to the original state of environment n life on Earth will never be the same again.
    Anyhow it’s better to take precaution measures.

    Haha, I’m no journalist. I write for selfish reasons – mainly to prevent a dyslexia-like condition from overcoming me. I can’t afford to wake up one morning and find that I’ve lost my reading and writing abilites. 🙂

    Actually you don’t write too badly. Have you ever thought of setting up a blog of your own? You don’t need perfect English to set one up. Its clear that you are deeply committed to the vegan cause and a blog is a good way to spread your message.

    I don’t think its possible for a human to live without taking life. Its just the nature of this dimension. Think of the bacteria that live in your intestines, millions of which die every day. Even our white blood cells are programmed to kill bacteria. Our body itself is an ecosystem where organisms live, fight and die every day. Thankfully there are perspectives to handle these views without losing one’s spiritual balance.

    You’re right – the point of no return implies permanence. I know that nothing is permanent so yes, there will be a return to a previous point. But whether it’ll happen in this lifetime remains to be seen.

  11. stella permalink
    April 2, 2009 8:53 am

    i’m not interested in writing blog as our association n superemastertv have already a blogs to spread this message run by the volunteer.. We can contribute some article if we like to. Besides i don’t know much about computer stuff, the set up n layout things, have to always maintain, have an idea/story/diary n what to write everyday or certain day(like what u did). Also have to know how to handle the reply by people which i’m not expert when handle with people question. Normally i will take quite some to answer them. Furthermore, whatever i do today, i would forget it. Anyway i discover a lot of veg resouces, veg links n vegan blogs after viewing the rgd ‘vegan option for school’. There are actually many of these vegan blogs n veg net that spread message about the benefit of veg, provide variety of recipe, veg kit, global warming, environmental….especially in US n UK. Indonesia n Singapore are not bad either in this veg thing too. They’re actually more updates n enjoyable to read especially the tasty veg n this has spoilt my plan to be a breatherian. haha.

    Are you into vegetarian “meat”? Some are into tofu that’s made to look and taste like duck or chicken. Instead of getting away from anything that tastes like meat, they try hard to imitate its taste. Guess these things are not easy to let go.

  12. stella permalink
    April 3, 2009 8:55 pm

    Ya, they try hard to imitate the taste like meat as many non veg people who trying to be veg are unable to let go of this meat taste yet or having difficulties to adjust as vegetarian after so many years of eating meat or been brainwashed about the goodness of meat. So this substitude vegetarian meat is only for the beginners so that they can feel that they are eating a veg meat that look similar like meat.
    It’s a way of encouragement n sometimes I was very amazed that they are able to make all kinds of imitation meat that really tastes n look like the real meat. But as time goes by, veg people are advise to go more on organic or vegan lifesytle which is more benificial.

    I’m not very into this vegetarian meat or people call it tvp soya chunk. Some vegetarian duck, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian ham or vegetarian prawn really taste like the real meat. I mostly prefer the real tofu, tempeh, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, legume, sweet potatoes n fruits. Eating imitation vegetarian meat is actually not very healthy as it is a process food, add a lot of preservative, sometimes fry in a very oily manner n i would advise u not to take so much of these imitation meat. Once a while it’s okay. Anyhow any process food, it’s not good for human health. Same as the real meat which is also considered a process food n it’s more harmful than imitation meat. Eating too many of processed veg food, meat , chicken, duck, fish, dairy producte, eggs will result in high acid toxins accumulate in the body. If this high asid toxins are not discharging immediately or flushed out ( by right amount of water consumption), then illness may formed in the body. Don’t know whether u know about this acidic things? So the body requires the nutrients in the foods to survive, but have to eat the rights foods( greens vegetables(more alkaline) n water are more advisable).

    Imitation meat made in Malaysia is very tricky especially vegetarian mutton, vegetarian duck, vegetarian prawn n some vegetarian ham does have egg inredients though stated no eggs. These was disclosed by some honest veg seller. According to them, without this egg white they cannot make this imitation meat. But some manufacture are able to made it without eggs. If it was check in the DNA procedures it can determine whether they are egg whites or meat substances.
    The safer part is to ask the person about the inredients or avoid eating them. Just have tofu or vegetables. Cheap n simple soya chunk are mostly safer to eat. I guess at now era, Organic green vegetables or anything that is organic are much safer to eat as they are no GMO, no pesticide, no chemical n tastes better. It’s just that organic stuff is somehow very expensive n not many can afford it. So if u happened to buy unorganic vegetable or unorganic fruits, then it’s better to soak it with salt, salt with vinegar or enzyme (half an hour I guess) to clear the pesticide or don’t eat the fruit skin.

    I’d go for green salads, fruits and when I need carbo – bread or rice. I still can’t live without eggs, milk and cheese. I do like the local version of the salad called rojak, which is poached green vegs with local salad dressing. Yummy.

  13. stella permalink
    April 10, 2009 8:50 pm

    Many people cannot live without eggs as many variety of food are made by eggs especially cakes, desserts n ice creams. I remember i used to like to eat solf-cooked eggs with soya sauce(b’cos it’s easier to cook) n McDonald egg burger cos it’s the cheapest i can afford at that time( only once a while). But after knowing the harmful effect of eggs towards our body (can increase high cholesterol), witchraft using it n bad for our spiritual body, incur bad karma (these are the most important reason), i was able to let go of this eggs. Imaging collecting this karma debt n have to relearn this lesson again n again until we finally wake up. Imaging, eating eggs from battery hens that are crammed inside a wire battery cage, overcrowded with many nervous hens, can barely even move, inability to retire somewhere for the laying act (suppose to build and lay their eggs in a nest), beaks trimmed, suffer bone weakness plus breakage, foot disorder, severe feather loss, numerous diseases n so on. To make matters worse, the cages at this facility are so dilapidated that countless birds become injured or suffered chronic pain on loose wires, preventing them from accessing food or water. Many die as a result of these debilitating conditions. When laying hens are no longer productive, eventually they are kill too.
    The detail is in this website:

    Pls forget about organic eggs sell at organic shops or the kampung eggs as it is still incur karma. Maybe u can check this out about certified eggs –, or It is stated:

    As all free range animals are still viewed as objects to be killed for food, they are subject to abusive handling, transport, and slaughter. Free-range animals, like all animals used for their milk and eggs, are still slaughtered at a fraction of their normal life expectancy.” – Associated Press, March 11, 1998 (via Vegan Outreach)

    Sometimes, to get the taste of soft-cooked eggs, i would replaced it with cooked soft tofu with soya sauce. Voila, it really taste better. Anyhow i don’t think i need this replacement as i can overcome it after seeing the horror n inhumane act towards laying hens. You know, sometimes we can see that a spot of red color blood in this soft-cooked egg which signify life within them or germ, i guess.
    In one of my master’s lectures, it is say that eggs can make our blood turn to black n this is not nice to hear.

    My eldest sister when she turn veg, the only things she unable to let go is eggs. As for her, without eggs its like no food to eats. But as time goes by(after 3 years), one day she told us she not eating any eggs anymore n her reason is that there actually many choices n delicious veg food that do not need eggs to make it tastier. That’s is quite true.
    So choose Egg-free foods. The best way each of us can help laying hens n prevent needless animal suffering is to leave the eggs n support kindness over cruelty at each meal.

    p/s : would like to talk about milk n cheece later on as my mind is quite blank at the moment. haha

    Guess what. Last week I did an experiment and planted tomato plants at the balcony of my condo, haha. Its the first time I planted anything. I don’t know how long it will take to grow but I’ve always thought about growing my own food after spending many summers at my foster parents’ farm in America.

    On those eggs, yes I can see your point. I’ve been slowly cutting down on it anyway. Haven’t had an omelette in months.

  14. stella permalink
    April 17, 2009 9:04 pm

    Wow, growing tomato or own foods, that a very nice things to do. So how’s it’s your tomato doing after a week? Once I’ve try to plant vegetable seed in a pot (forgotten what vegetable type. I was very happy that it started to grow some tiny sprouted leave but the next day the whole vegetable leave is eaten by the snails. haha. give up again. I’ve try to plants some herbs but it just so so. Flower always not sucessful.. Probably I don’t have much love n patient.. My master say that we have to love the vegetable so that they will grow fast n big. She’s good at planting vegetable (saw it in one of the video)n plants which is small for 5 yrs was able to grew bigger after my master take care n water them with water/tea or whatever leftover(no chemical fertilizer use) while residing in a temples. so if we have love, things will grow perfectly. I’m not good in planting thing but I always admire people who are able to do so. Sometimes quite lazy to plants. One of my uncle is very good at planting flower, plants n orkid stuff. He is so absord in his planting that sometimes when people call him he couldn’t hear us n will talk/smile to them. He has so much love toward this plants that everything he plants grow well n fruitful (but he did used chemical fertilizer). Sometimes he would go to the jungle to find any new type of special species plant or go to flower nursery to purchase any type of new plant. Until now his house is full of beautiful plants. Seeing his beautiful plants, I also wanted to grow something, so I find my little garden to grow something too. But it’s doesn’t grow well n most of them died. This is when I was very young , staying together with my uncles, aunty, grandma, one cousin in a wood home at a small nature jungle but nearby to the centre town/school area with various chinese, christian, mamak, malay n indian community.. staying. Though only 11 to 12 years staying, it was fun staying here(place have since been developed) coz there’s jungle to explore, many fruits to see n eat (some grows wildly in neighbourhood, mostly grandma plant a lot of fruits n vege)though not many as it is a small area eg mango, rambutans, coconut trees , lime, sugar cane, jackfruit, guava, cherry, starfruit, banana, papaya, pineapple, sweet potato ,wild yam ,tamarind, fish to see ..etc. oppositely, my grandmother like to grow vegetable n fruits in her ploted area. she too loves planting.

    But her technique is using our collective human urine n human waste , some animal waste (from chicken breeding) n water it from drainage dirty water. Waste is plant inside the soil plants as fertilizer. Think about it, urine water/waste. yulks.haha. But the plants n fruits grow very well. Anyhow my uncle n mother did scolded my grand for putting this urine/waste as it’s dirty n smelly n the papaya do taste salty like urine. so she only stop using it for papaya only. I wouldn’t want to use this technique. it’s too smelly n veg/ fruit might have urine taste.

    I’ve just watched organic farming part 1 in The topic is The secret to success of organic farming part 1 & 2 dated 3, 10 sept 2008( under animal world on planet Earth: Our loving home). His technique is quite easy n is very suitable for tomato, zucchini planting but doesn’t work for carrot, cabbage,celery ..etc.. He doesn’t use animal manure, chemical fertilizer or pesticides. He uses a lot of straw or grass cut around the surface of the plant. The plant only needs food from the straw n grass cutting which have micro-organism to stay active all year. u don’t have to water everyday even in summer or rain a year as the effect of the straw stays wet underneath n moisture will goes to the plants. I guess it’s also suitable for u which travel often. What‘s your foster parents’ farm plant? is it organic or other type? Do u manage to learn any planting method? At this time of situation, it’s better to learn some tips of sustainable planting.

    My plants are still about 2cm high. I think it’ll be months before I cen hope to see any tomatoes. I don’t use fertilizer, just the enriched soil I bought from the nursery. Its an experiment on manureless planting so we’ll see what happens. 🙂

    My foster parents grew corn and soybeans. They use the normal methods, with pesticides and fertlizer. The corn goes for animal feed and the soybeans for human consumption. Didn’t learn anything specifc about farming although I did mess aqround with old Bertha the combine harvester. 🙂

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