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How green is your workplace?

April 2, 2009

All the lights on the 3 floors are lit up. The 120-odd PCs, notebooks, printers, are switched on. The aircon is blowing at a comfortable 22 degrees. There’s an occasional “ding” from someone’s workstation – an incoming email. A phone rings somewhere. Its a typical office setting, except its lunch hour and no one is in.

If you think the workplace is a major contributor to global warming, you may be right.

Many of us think that a green office is one that recycles its printing paper. Yes, that is one way to be environmentally friendly and probably the easiest too. What normally escapes our attention are little things like turning off the lights and airconditioner when no one is in that section, and for the same reason why everybody went ga-ga over Earth Hour.

If you’ve ever tried to green your office, you would have been acquainted with the two main obstacles. One, a boss who tells you I pay you to take care of business, not mess around with all this crap about saving the earth. Two, having a hundred colleagues who think the same way as the boss. Or sometimes, having to deal with groupthink. No one in my section cares to switch off so why should I?

If your workplace is already environmentally conscious, kudos to you. What advice would you give to others?

(p.s. Does anyone know why people in offices like to turn the lights on during broad daylight? They don’t even do that at home.)

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  1. Clarissa permalink
    April 2, 2009 10:06 am

    Does anyone know why people in offices like to turn the lights on during broad daylight? They don’t even do that at home.

    I always stitch off the corridor light during the day. One day, a colleague next door asked me NOT To do it. I tried to tell him that it’s daytime, and we don’t trip and fall, so that means we don’t need to switch it on.

    His response to me?

    “That’s what YOU think.”

    I was like, “To hell with you!”

    Haha, I’ve seen that too. Maybe that’s why so many of us become cynical after trying hard and failing to make a difference…

  2. April 3, 2009 7:32 pm

    Mm, my office has to turn on coz it’s very dark even in daytime. I also donno why. Maybe coz of the aura? hahaha.

    Perhaps its dark because the worsktations are too far from the windows? Most offices aren’t built with environmental friendliness in mind. Instead of individual switches, they provide one switch that will turn on all the ceiling lights on that floor at once. So either everyone’s lighted up whether they need it or not or everyone’s completely in the dark.

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