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Afraid of the letter box

April 10, 2009
Come to me.... come to me...

Come to me.... come to me...

If you’ve noticed more and more typos and misplaced words creeping into my comment responses and posts of late, I’m sorry about that. Its my dyslexia-like condition coming back. When it does, its a struggle for me to make sense of alphabets. At worst I am unable to read or write, definitely not good for a blogger. But it comes and goes for me so in the words of the great King Solomon, it will pass, as it always has.

Anyway, when one of your sense organs go on vacation, the others can perk up in sensitivty. This one is from a conversation I heard over lunch the other day.

“Everytime I open my letter box, I get bad news! Its bills, more bills, or some bank letter telling me how much I owe them. I feel like tearing the damn thing out!”

Whoa, I thought. This woman’s got issues. If she can feel that way about her letter box, I’m almost afraid to imagine how she might feel about the mailman.

I felt like telling her its not the letter box’s fault that you’re high maintenance. If she wants, I’ll even throw in a few tips on how to stop all these bad news from coming. Aw heck, I’ll say it anway.

First, why aren’t you using the internet to check your monthly statements? Tell the bank, the cellphone company or whoever’s sending you these bills to stop sending them by mail. They save a buck, you save a few white hairs. Everybody’s happy.

Second, if what you’re receiving are delinquency notices, then why aren’t you paying your bills on time? If you don’t have time to organize your finances, then pay someone who can. In fact I have a better idea. Stop borrowing money. I guarantee you’ll be dusting cobwebs from your letterbox in no time.

Third, why not use prepaid services to avoid being hounded for payment? Or do what I do: pay some bills in advance. I have a habit of leaving my electricity and phone bills with a negative balance, meaning I overpaid. There’s a reason for that. I travel a lot and this way, I have the luxury of being out of town for a month and not worry about a delinquency notice waiting for me when I return or worse, find that my services had been cut off.

Finally, if despite all this you still feel like taking it out on your letter box, there’s that last resort. Move to another place and don’t leave a forwarding address. Oh, and pray that the system never finds out where you live.

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  1. LC Teh permalink
    April 10, 2009 12:36 pm

    Each month on average, 90% of my mailbox contents are supermarket flyers, brochures or ah long invitations for you to get in debt. We love brochures. Some of them are very well designed. Others contain beautiful items we think would be great to own. But still I love to hear that postman’s motorbike stopping by. Just like old times.
    Afraid? No way.

    Haha, my dad used to tell me he liked the sound of the postman coming because he used to have pen-pals.

  2. April 10, 2009 12:51 pm

    Everyday upon reaching home from work, the first place I walk towards and check is always the letter box. Year in and year out it is always been like this subconsciously. First destination immediately after parking the car; letter-box, never miss. I like flyers and brochures. The rest are the normal utilities bills.

    I do the same thing, except its my e-mail that I check. Like LC, my mailbox at the condo is usually filled with junk mail.

  3. April 10, 2009 5:40 pm

    go stay in the jungle. they (the postman) won’t find u there. 😛

    Haha, that’s a good one. 😀

  4. stella permalink
    April 10, 2009 9:06 pm

    Dyslexia? I thought it’s a minor forgetful symptoms when u say u write to prevent dyslexia from overcoming u. Dunno much about this dyslexia actually. The way u describe it, sounds quite serious as it can comes n go. Struggle to make sense of alphabets n at worst u are unable to read or write, does that means at that moment, u feel pain, feeling blank, numb, headache, unable to speak, have blurr vision n do u suffer?
    U doesn’t look like a person having dyslexia problem as u have fantastic imagination, wonderful stories to tell ,skillfull, smart, cheerful, sometimes quite playful n always travel .
    Doesn’t there any cure n what’s cause of it? Besides writing, what’s other way to prevent it. okay, try to relax, maybe u overcome it, don’t be too rush in doing anything.

    Thanks for the concern. 🙂

    Dyslexia is not a memory problem. In fact I can remember more things than the average person, probably as a result of my condition. The problem is that the brain sometimes cannot recognize patterns and English words might as well be written in Chinese. I don’t know why it comes and goes. At worst it knocks my reading out about a week and then it goes back to normal. But don’t worry, I am used to it.

    My imagination is not affected by it at all, thank goodness. 🙂

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