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Less fast, more furious

April 13, 2009


Vin, quit starin’ at my pineapple will ya! 🙂

I went to watch Fast and Furious 4 with a couple of friends at 1-Utama yesterday. Here are some of my take-aways. Don’t worry I’ll cut to the chase.

First, the old cast looks noticeably older. Vin Diesel looks more like a daddy to me than the cocky punk he’s supposed to be. Quieter and less sassy too.

Second, you can forget about ogling at any late model rides on this show. If you like eye candy, I suggest you stick with Tokyo Drift. At times I felt I was watching a remake of an old Starsky and Hutch episode but I think there was a purpose to it. Some parts of the show made me feel this installment is meant to be a prequel to Tokyo Drift which would technically make it Fast & Furious 2.5 instead of 4.

Third, this is a show where American muscle flat out beats Japanese muscle. If a race had a Jap car in it, it would come up second or get completely totaled. Sorry if you own an Evo X or a Skyline GTR. Your car’s not in the league as far as this movie’s concerned. Get a 40-year old Dodge Charger from the scrap heap and then we’ll talk.

Fourth, there weren’t many street races in this show and when there was one, the purpose wasn’t to impress the ladies. You’ll see no raunchy bedroom scenes. No this movie isn’t about sex and adrenaline. Its about getting even. A credible plot in the F&F franchise at last? Hard to believe but its true. A departure from the usual 2-hour excuse to race and make out.

Fifth, I get to see the Los Angeles as I intimately know it – grungy and seedy, not the 500-square-mile Rodeo Drive fantasy that many in Asia think it is.

And finally, I found myself guessing how the scriptwriter will end this violent flick. Will he glorify the hero behind the carnage and help put more copycats out on the streets? Or will he paint the hero as a loser and risk disenfranchising the F&F fans around the world? Now I often find movie endings a tad predictable so it was a pleasant surprise that this one wasn’t.

I enjoyed the show even more than I enjoyed the ice cream cone I smuggled into the cinema.

Verdict: Fast & Furious 4 gets a 4 out of 5 from me.

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  1. April 13, 2009 12:02 pm

    i prefer this than the previous ones but i do enjoy the street races. the story in this 4th movie is much better IMHO. as you said, they have a reason to race…not like before..just racing for fun. i know there are such ppl – racing for fun – but well, it’s not what we movie-goers want to see anyway.

    I like Tokyo Drift for the cars and the cool tunes and I like this last one for its storyline. People who expect to see new cars and hot chicks will come away disappointed. 🙂

  2. April 14, 2009 2:30 pm

    lol, i brought my parents to watch this movie. maybe my mum was glad but not my dad? 😛

    Depends on your dad’s taste. He doesn’t happen to drive a Nismo 370Z does he? 🙂

  3. April 15, 2009 1:18 pm

    eh…he drives my car honda city only =_=

    Right. I thought he wasn’t happy because his favorite cars weren’t featured in the movie. 🙂

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