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Against nature

June 14, 2009

I don’t know why but whenever someone talks about “acts against nature,” people immedistely think of some kind of kinky sex act.

During the great Proposition 8 debate in California last year, I did ask a few of people what they thought “unnatural behavior” meant. Prop 8 is about same-sex marriage btw. At least one guy gave me a halfway coherent answer so let me share what I remember of the conversation.

Me: So what do you make of this “going against nature” business?

He: Yeah these people are doing something that doesn’t occur naturally in nature. Its wrong to go against nature you know.

Me: Right. If men was meant to fly we’d have grown wings and yet here we are sitting in an airplane. This pudding didn’t exactly come from a pudding tree either, and you’ve got a phone to do something you can’t do in nature – talk to someone a thousand miles away. Guess we’re doomed huh.

He: …. no, some things are okay to do. Otherwise we’ll be backward.

Me: Right. So how do we know when its okay to go against nature and when its not okay?

He: Well… only when it involves sex, then its not okay.

Me: Seriously? So contraceptives are out coz we’re jamming up a natural process?

He: No of course not! Look maybe I’m not explaining it very well but it’s not what you think.

Me: (*Naughty grin*) Haha. I was just thinking if I’m going to hell for eating this pudding while flying coz technically I am doing something unnatural. ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s see now… how many ways do we defy nature.

We defy aging by putting on makeup or going for some nip and tuck.

We defy sickness by having innoculations. With artificially made serums of course.

We defy natural weather with cloud seeding and snow-making machines.

We defy the law of gravity by taking off in a space shuttle.

Wait, can you remember a time when we WEREN’T trying to beat the laws of nature?

And what could be more ironic than having someone tell you how bad it is to go against nature while you two are mimicking birds – flying through the air in an airplane and tucking into your artificially-made desserts.

La la la … ain’t life peachy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. June 14, 2009 6:26 pm

    Er..hopefully your post won’t start a secret movement to erase human beings from this world…because we’re defying what the nature wants us to do – to NOT live as we are living now.


    Me start a movement? Haha, my ideas are too small man… Actually I’ve never understood the assumption that man-made things aren’t natural. A chimp is a natural creature. He makes crude tools using sticks to trap his food. We call it natural.

    Man is a natural creature too. He makes tools using natural ingredients (even steel is made from natural components of iron and carbon) but for some odd reason we don’t like to call his creations natural. I’m not sure why. As for flying, planes fly based on the principles of physics, which I think are laws of nature. When we ride the air currents we are not violating nature’s laws. We are just hopping on for a ride, after learning how the laws work.

    Anyway, the chimp’s ant trap, the orang utan’s hammock (which they weave from vines) and the beaver’s dam all do not occur naturally (as in if you remove the creatures, you won’t get those things). Some of their creations can be also destructive to the immediate area, like beaver dams. But we call them natural. So what is so special about human technology that we can’t call it natural.

  2. June 15, 2009 12:51 am

    eh. i thought technology-man-made and nature is a completely different thing ?

    gay sex no equipment also ..unless dildo is counted

    Hmm… you seem to know quite a lot about gay sex. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Man-made tech vs nature… yeah as I mentioned in my response to Alvin, I don’t know if its accurate to call technology, whether it came from a man, an ape or a beaver, unnatural. There are just too many things that wouldn’t exist in nature if their makers never lived. Am refering to the tools and structures that animals make. Nature wouldn’t make a beehive if bees didn’t exist. I think people call man-made things unnatural because secretly we feel we are separate from nature, maybe even above it. If we are separate from nature, then I guess it is we who are unnatural. Hmm.. no wonder we’re screwing up the planet.

    p/s did you read about the gay penguins in a German zoo that hatched and takes care of an abandoned chick? I wonder what nature has to say about that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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