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Die first, then be famous

July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson hailed as greatest entertainer, best dad. (Washington Post)



Not too long ago, he was Whacko Jacko.

He was a danger to children, a freak show. The only time you wanna be associated with him is when you’re suing his ass for a few million $.

All of a sudden, going by the eulogies at his memorial, it is revealed that he’s now the bestest, warmest friend one could ever have.

I dunno man, if I was the one that died, I would appreciate a little sincerity from my friends. But looking at the HUGE gap between what people thought of him a year ago and what they said about him yesterday at his memorial, dude…. you could fly two 747’s through that hole.

I think there’s a difference between respecting the departed and getting “creative” with past memories a.k.a. ass kissing, don’t you? I do wonder, how many celebs at the service had actually stood up for MJ publicly when he was fighting the wolves the last many years, the way they’re standing up for him now.

I don’t know MJ but its in my nature to give anyone, including him, the benefit of doubt. From what I’ve read, I think he was just trying to cope with life like we all are, and was a little messed up like we all are. At least he was trying to save the world while many of us were happily plundering it.

But the fact that the news of his death made the internet crawl says this: to be really, really famous you need to be really, really dead.


I mean, why would no one care where you were when you’re alive but suddenly take interest the moment you’re gone?

You know what that means right? Wanna change the world but you’re always shown the middle finger? Don’t worry. They’ll love you and your ideas after you kicked the bucket. Really. MJ’s funeral proved that.

And if you thought you’re not getting fair price for that artwork of yours, wait till you’re dead ‘cuz that’s when the price jumps. You can even arrange for an “interbank transfer” to the other side if you believe in hell money.

Ain’t that cool or what. 😀

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  1. July 9, 2009 2:46 pm

    you don’t know what you got til its gone eh? 🙂

    well , i am like ..”mehh” is the same thing over and over again ..
    when this person is alive no one give a rats ass , and when that person died everybody goes “WOOAHH”

    from Kurt Cobain all the way to Mozart and pretty much 80% of the famous classical pianist . same shit , different period of time .

    If MJ’s memorial vids are gonna be sold on DVD (and I suspect they are), its profitable for the celebs to put on some Oscar-winning acts. That’s how I would swing a few MJ’s fans my way if I was the celeb. I read that ppl like Diana Ross and Liz Taylor didn’t show up. Smart of them to not wanna be part of that very public circus.

  2. July 9, 2009 11:30 pm

    MJ sudden death is just a way to shock the world. Especially his 2 best song – ‘ Heal the world ‘ n ‘We are the world ‘ had gave a very well message of peace n unity. It’s a very meaningful song. We need this kind of good music n lyrics at this moment on earth which still have war, violence, politic/religious issue…. etc. This 2 music have long been forgotten n it’s time to create awareness to people.

    U know, he has not been very famous for some time due to scandals n debts. Whatever he did, whether right or wrong, true or bad, plastic surgery to have a better feature, i guess he’s already suffer a lot n had learned his mistake or lesson. It shall be forgiven. Deep in his heart, he is still a warm, lovely, joyful, a child-like person n a best dad to his children. Though i’m not a great fan of michael, but i do admire/inspire his passion/perfection towards the music, his well break-dance movement, his concern n humanity towards the world situations. I believe others felt the same too. Most important of all, he had brought this 2 music alive again ( so as others nice music too like Ben ….) n people will forever remember him n his music.

    Yeah, I like the 2 songs. Catchy tune. There’s a few lessons from MJ’s life that people can learn from but I’m sure they won’t. One is that money can’t buy happiness. The other is that most of the time, you’re appreciated only when you’re dead. But overall, for someone so confused, he had achieved more than most.

  3. angeles permalink
    July 10, 2009 4:59 am

    i totally agree with what stella said.. he’s the one and only MJ… when he was alive, his life was tragic, and now that he’s dead, he still can’t RIP, gosh! is that tragic or what?? dead for 2 weeks and not yet buried.. i feel sooo sad for him! 😦

    On the positive side, the scandals have stopped and he’ll now have the peace he never had.


  1. Die first, then be famous « Michael Jackson Is Dead :

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